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Wooden Fish Preschool has 4 locations in Portland, Oregon and is a great place for your child jump-start their education. We look forward to meeting you and your student.


Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child's intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in a safe and nurturing environment. 


Wooden Fish Preschool provides children ages 2-6 years old a welcoming space where their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills are creatively nurtured through a play-based curriculum. We provide safe, stable care for families who want to encourage their children’s development in a setting that honors diversity and respects the environment in collaboration with families and the greater community.



The curriculum, environment, philosophy, and daily life of Wooden Fish Preschool are grounded in five guiding principles:


Wooden Fish Preschool is a place for children, with an approach rooted in the question – How can we provide children with the tools they need to continue their journey as lifelong learners?


We are dedicated to collaboration and communication among the people that make up our community and the communities of the children in our care. This includes the staff, the families, the neighborhood, the city, and the cultures in which our lives are rooted. 


We believe that diversity of people, families, culture, opinions, and beliefs provide the rich base from which children’s understanding grows. Wooden Fish Preschool believes children with different levels of ability still can learn together.


At Wooden Fish Preschool we create environments that inspire the imagination.  We join children on adventures of exploration. Children are allowed to construct their own knowledge through experimentation.  Teachers curate an environment where children can learn all of the things they wish to know.


We believe that every person must be aware of, engage with and respond to: the people around them; the world they live in; and their own physical, mental and emotional needs.  As educators we are charged with awakening and encouraging this awareness, engagement and responsiveness in children.

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