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Our purposeful play curriculum is the centerpiece of each classroom:

  • Teachers create rich learning environments full of art, objects, activities and tools designed to ignite the imagination of children.

  • Teachers observe children’s interests, their talents and their challenges and design the curriculum each year to meet the needs of the children.

  • Teachers join children on adventures of exploration.

  • Children are allowed to construct their own knowledge through experimentation.

  • Children form a classroom community and hone their social emotional skills in relationship with other children through: creating classroom rules, negotiating through conflict, persisting through challenging tasks, and learning to work as a team.

  • Teachers build literacy rich classrooms with reading and writing opportunities that are embedded in children’s play.

  • Children spend hours each day engaging in outside play in our large backyard.


Physical development of fine and large motor skills are accomplished through numerous staff-initiated and child-initiated activities. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as painting, coloring, cutting, lacing, stringing and drawing. Gross motor skills are developed through indoor games, dance, fitness activities and outdoor play. Outdoor activities are done in a beautifully designed, fun, and safe outdoor play spaces.

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Cognitive Skills

The curriculum incorporates both staff-initiated and child-initiated activities that teach topics that will prepare children to advance into kindergarten and elementary education levels. Shapes, colors, letters, reading and a variety of other topics that are developmentally and age-appropriate are covered. The environment at Wooden Fish Preschool is to provide many opportunities for development such as recognizing the staff as an authority figure, development of good listening skills, following directions and completing assigned tasks, as well as making his/her own decisions, problem-solving and expressing creativity. Numerous activities provide all of the elements of fun, learning and accomplishment and are designed to help promote the types of skills and competence that will be a strong foundation to your child's continuous development.

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We believe in transparency and trust when it comes to providing care for your children. As such, we use the BrightWheel app to share activity photos, potty training updates, meals, and more with the parents in our program. Easily message your child's teacher, update allergies, and check in on their day on a safe and secure app!

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